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Ercole Modern Fire Pit

Ercole Modern Fire Pit

Here’s a recent installation of Ercole modern fire pit placed  in a custom-made recessed terrace area. Ercole is a luxury concrete fire pit made AK47 Italian fire pit company. This high quality fire pit provides an enchanting focal point in any outdoor space. What’s more, it has unique practical features including built-in log storage and an optional stainless steel grill. Thus, quickly and easily converting the fire pit into a highly functional grill.

Luxury Concrete Fire Pit

Ercole high quality fire pit is designed by Ivano Losa, and has unique understated Italian design. Further still, this high quality fire pit is carefully composed of stylishly contrasting materials, enhancing the fire pit’s unique design. Significantly, this fire pit is characterised by its distinctive circular form, also integrating log storage! Therefore, keeping your firewood dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Ercole is available in a range of different sizes, colours and material finishes to suit your requirements.

High Quality Fire Pit Materials

For your peace of mind, AK47 Italian fire pit company are exclusively using only the highest quality materials. Ercole’s high quality fire pit materials being chosen for aesthetic and practical reasons. The fire pit’s patinated steel frame perfectly toning with all planting schemes and most hard landscaping. Moreover, the patinated steel is sealed,  preventing oxidisation. Ercole modern fire pit is available with top bench seat surround in a wide range of finishes. These finishe including Brown, White or Natural concrete. Alternatively, you can really push the boat out and specify the top surround in opulent solid marble! The marble is available in Rain Forest Green marble, Rain Forest Brown marble or Teak Wood marble.

Ercole luxury concrete fire pit is optionally available with a BBQ grill made in high quality stainless steel. As such, you can use time after time, without it ever tarnishing or corroding. Ercole is also optionally available with a stylish smoked glass fire screen made in heat-proof tempered glass.

AK47 Italian Fire Pit Company

On the shores of Lake Como in northern, AK47 Italian fire pit company are based in Lecco, Italy. Company owner and chief designer Ivano Losa has created an inspiring collection of modern outdoor fire pits. All of these characterised by minimalist design and Italian flare. AK47 Italian fire pit company product collection includes a wide range of different sized circular fire pits. The collection including Zero fire pit, Ercole fire pit, Artus fire pit and Zen fire pit. Also, AK47 are offering a square collection of fire pits, including Opera fire pit and Toast fire pit.

All products from AK47 Italian fire pit company are suitable for use in outdoor spaces in residential and hospitality projects.