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Corten Fire Pit

The Sebios Vayen Garden fire pit is a modern designer fire pit from Dutch designer, Oscar van Buijtene. Manufactured from 3mm Corten steel, the natural finish of this material combined with the beautifully designed curves of this high-end fire pit, make a real statement in any garden. The contemporary shape of the Corten fire pit leaves you with a sense that this is the fireplace for your outside space. And if you prefer something with a cleaner finish it is also available in matt black heat-resistant paint.

When I see its beautiful curvaceous lines it reminds me of the mandolin from Louis de Berniere’s most famous novel, and I think of this as I watch the smoke rise up and disperse from this unique chimney shape. Surely even Captain Corelli, if he could stop playing for long enough, would sit and warm his hands here.

This is not the only Corten fire pit that packs a punch. The Sebios Tendu Garden fire place is another premium fire pit in this range that focusses on the vertical and shares its guest-friendly design with the Vayen fire pit, pulling the smoke away with its elongated chimney shape.

Wood storage can sometimes seem messy, with stacks of logs piling up in a dis-used space, but this contemporary Corten fire pit design features an elegant circular holder, just waiting to be filled with dried logs.

So where can you put this piece of designer garden furniture? It would look amazing on a patio or terrace but equally, the impressive height and shape of this modern fire pit, lends it to be a prize feature in your garden’s design. It could be an architectural feature that your eye is drawn to as it travels down a formal pathway walled by well-planted borders. Or, the centre piece of a hidden garden, only reached by an intricate maze of green lines of walled Box. You decide – a garden is unique space that should be accompanied by a Corten fire pit, because when the light begins to fade and the temperature decreases, the heat of a  well-housed flame will draw you in.