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Carre Modern Picnic Table

Carre Modern Picnic Table

Carre Modern Picnic Table – a square picnic table that seats 8 to 10 persons. Perfect for eating for up to 12 people for chatting over a fine glass of wine. Sitting around a square table makes for pleasant conversation, and take my word for it: the Carré is ideal for lingering and socializing.

The four corners are each provided with an opening to facilitate seating. You can also place stools at the corners, thereby creating four additional seats. As with each piece of Cassecroute furniture, you can sit with your back against the table using it as a backrest.

The table top dimensions are 114cm x 114cm and the overall size is 236 cm x 236 cm.
Available in white lacquered Iroko or untreated Iroko.

Elegant, cosy and comfortable…