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[BLACK]. VARIO garden coffee table – modern European design by Raimonds Cirulis.

VARIO is a geometrically designed outdoor coffee table hand-made with distinctive straight basalt fibre strands. VARIO has built-in storage inside either end of the table – enough for many magazines, or perhaps a bottle of wine or few.
VARIO has a lifetime outdoors of 30-50 years. Made in basalt fibre, finished in durable polyurethane gel coat, VARIO is a striking piece that will catch the eye all year-round.

Basalt fibres were once a Top Secret polymer used by the Soviets in the aerospace industry for its versatility, lightness and strength. VARIO is finished as standard in a black polyurethane gel coat, with other RAL colours available on request.

VARIO is ideal for use in private homes and gardens, hotels, restaurants, spas, yachts and cruise ships.