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Alpha Modern Garden Swing Seat

Alpha Modern Garden Swing Seat …

Check out this installation of Alpha modern garden swing seat and stand, shown with a invitingly plump cushion. Alpha hanging garden pod – by Unknown swing chair company – has original contemporary design, and is big enough to seat 2 adults and a child in the lap of luxurious comfort. Alpha provides year-round garden art and is made in high quality swing sofa materials for a lifetime of outdoor use.

Alpha Hanging Garden Pod Design

Alpha hanging garden pod has unique modern design that’s reminiscent of the iconic Zeppelin air ship once traveled the world’s skies. Alpha is finished in a stylish black gel coat finish that looks striking in any surroundings. Alpha can be mounted from a tree branch, a pergola or a swing seat stand that Encompass also supplies, as shown here. The cushion supplied with Alpha modern garden swing seat is approximately 15 cm deep, and comes up to head height, ensuring ultimate comfort. The cushion has a clever scalloped design that ensures that it perfectly fits Alpha’s spherical form. Alpha’s high quality swing sofa materials ensure it can be left outdoors all year round for its design to be appreciated whatever the weather. Each Alpha hanging garden pod is individually made by hand, ensuring no two pieces are the same!

High Quality Swing Sofa Materials

Alpha hanging garden pod is made in basalt fibre, a once Top Secret polymer used by the Soviets in the Cold War. Basalt fibre is extracted from basalt rock at high temperature, and then mixed with epoxy resin to create a malleable, light and super-strong material that’s ideal for high quality swing sofa furniture. Alpha modern garden swing seat, as well as the rest of the collection of Unknown swing chair furniture, is finished in a marine-grade Black-colour polyester gel coat, which is highly UV resistant.

Alpha ‘s stand is sturdily made in heavy duty steel, which is given a corrosion-resistant paint finish in black.

What makes Alpha one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you will ever try is the luxury outdoor cushion, made in highest quality Sunbrella fabric, which is UV, stain and mildew-resistant.

Unknown Swing Chair Furniture

Unknown swing chair furniture collection includes a wide range of original design garden swing seats and sofas for use in the garden and home. The collection includes sculptural single seat pods including Nest, Lucid and Mini, as well as larger swing sofas such as Hide which can be enjoyed by up to 3 occupants at a time. Unknown Furniture also supply a wide range of funky garden chairs and tables in basalt fibre. All of Unknown’s swing chair furniture is suitable for year-round exterior (and interior use) in residential and hospitality projects throughout the world.