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Image of grey & white Sellex La Literal bunk beds in a hostel

Space Saving Wall Beds

Space Saving Wall Beds Beds are a necessity because even the lightest sleeper needs to lie down and rest. However, when space is at a premium even a single bed can seem to take up a huge footprint. Significantly, Sellex La Literal space saving beds are a snappy solution to make any room feel bigger […]

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A Ferro e Fuoco hand forged fire tools are a modern companion set with stand or wall mounted fire tools in recycled steel by Conmoto, Germany

Dimensione Fuoco – A Ferro E Fuoco Hand-Forged Fire Tools

It’s not often that high-end modern design fireside accessories claim to be hand-made by skilled artisans using 500 year old technology. A Ferro E Fuoco designer hand-forged fire tools are carefully hand-crafted in Italy from recycled railway tracks, forged using a 500 year old water-driven hammer, resulting in a uniquely beautiful & tactile end product. […]

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Image of closed La Literal single wall bed

Sellex La Literal Space Saving Wall Beds

Sellex La Literal space saving wall beds have gone from strength-to-strength since a front cover editorial in Wallpaper magazine back in 2004 featuring Sellex La Literal bunk bed. Designed by Altherr-Lievore-Molina, this modern space-saving wall bed has been supplied to private homes, hotels, hostels, universities and many other locations here in the UK and internationally. La Literal’s […]

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A2 Chair


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Bistro Table conmoto

KE TI 434 P01

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A3 Armchair


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Tension Wood

GT BL 722 H48

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Riva lounge

riva lounge set

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Dimesione desegno


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Riva office

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