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Space Saving Wall Beds

Space Saving Wall Beds

Beds are a necessity because even the lightest sleeper needs to lie down and rest. However, when space is at a premium even a single bed can seem to take up a huge footprint. Significantly, Sellex La Literal space saving beds are a snappy solution to make any room feel bigger when the bed is not in use.

First Impressions

When first viewing the Sellex LA Literal Folding Single Wall Bed I was convinced it was a beautifully designed cupboard and my curiosity dared me to look inside. I was expecting to find some well folded shirts or maybe a collection of vintage books from yesteryear. However, to my surprise, a mattress, complete with soft linen were strapped into place. Impressive! Surely it can’t be comfortable, can it? Within seconds I was horizontal, shoes under the bed, wondering whether anyone would notice if I took a power nap.

Design for every home

Superbly designed to look simple and elegant. This space saving bed is a high quality, robust product with a contemporary feel. Other space saving beds in this range include the Sellex LA Literal Folding Double Bed and the Sellex LA Literal Folding Twin Bed. My personal favourite is the Sellex LA Literal Studio Folding Desk Bed – highly functional and a great utilisation of available space. The hidden bed rests tightly against the wall, less than 400mm thick, leaving you with a convenient work station underneath. An easy commute to the office!

Choice of modern finishes

Although highly functional, these quality foldaway beds are tasteful in looks and design. Thanks to the European design influence of Lievore-Altherr-Molina –looking beyond what is required to make this a space saving solution and delve into the realms of eye-catching furniture. For the outer framework a solid epoxy powder coated finish.

Framework colours

  • blue
  • silver-grey
  • beige

Fascia colours

  • red
  • beech
  • pumpkin
  • white

Sweet dreams

Designing both Beautiful and functional Furniture, the Sellex range shows that space saving solutions do not need to be boring. In fact, they can excite and take you beyond what you have ever dreamt of.