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Contract Furniture

Image of Cassecroute hospitality picnic tables outside Wagamana restaurant, Plymouth historic dockyard

Sleek Functonality In A Historic Dockyard


Cassecroute picnic tables & benches are made in marine-grade materials & feature timeless modern design. Consequently, the furniture was perfect for installation at Wagamama in Plymouth's Historic Dockyard, "savvy?"

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Contract Furniture

Contract Furniture

Sourcing the appropriate contract furniture whilst remaining on budget can be challenging, especially in these inflationary times.

Moreover, specifying quality FF&E that will reliably serve its purpose on a day-to-day basis whilst meeting your clients aesthetic brief is also tough.

Encompass Furniture Ltd. has + 25 years of working with architects, designers, hoteliers and other professionals, supplying highest quality interior and exterior contract furniture.

Moreover, we strive to propose the correct product which is also on budget.

What’s more, we work with professional clients here in the UK and worldwide.

Lastly, our “Contract” web pages give just a small overview of some of the products that are suitable for FF&E specification.

Importantly, we consider all but a few of the products shown on this website to be suitable for contract & hospitality projects, not just those shown in this “Contract” page.

Modern FF&E

We’re here to help you fulfill your FF&E requirements.

For example, we have decades of experience working on UK and international projects, both large and small.

For instance, examples include helping to supply & install contract patio heaters for a premium London hotel, all the way through to the fit-out with outdoor furniture & luxury parasols for boutique Pacific island hotels!

We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Outdoor Hospitality Furniture

Significantly, our exterior product portfolio satisfies many outdoor FF&E requirements. For example, we supply;

Indoor Contract Furniture

Importantly, Encompass Furniture are specialists in outdoor leisure furniture. However, we also supply some unique niche products found nowhere else together. For instance, these include;

High Quality Hospitality Furniture Brands

Encompass brings you luxury modern garden furniture from leading European and British brands, including;

  • Royal Botania
  • FueraDentro
  • Coro
  • Grythyttan Stalmobler
  • Conmoto
  • Vondom
  • Roshults
  • Gloster
  • Jati & Kebon
  • Todus
  • Gloster
  • Unknown Furniture
  • RODA
  • Sellex….and many more.


Importantly, quality is paramount. For example, we only work with reliable partners with a proven track record of supplying products of the highest quality. Consequently, this ensures a lifetime of product reliability, whilst also reducing waste.

After Sales Service

Moreover, we recognise the importance of professional and efficient after-sales service. Consequently, we and our suppliers strive to fulfill any requirements that you may have to your absolute responsibility.


Lastly, the majority of the materials used to make our high-end products are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life.

For instance, this enables the materials to subsequently re-enter the production cycle, thus minimizing waste and environmental impact.