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Royal Botania

Royal Botania garden furniture is known for its exceptional comfort, sophisticated aesthetics, and luxurious high-quality materials.

Established in the early 1990s, the company has grown into an international market leader, supplying outdoor furniture globally for high-end residential and hospitality projects.

Their product portfolio includes a versatile range of garden dining furniture, outdoor sofas, sun loungers, and more.

Choosing Royal Botania products goes beyond a mere purchase; it is an investment in the finest exterior furniture available, thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring lasting beauty and enjoyment.

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About Royal Botania Products

Royal Botania Luxury Garden Furniture

Royal Botania are designers and manufacturers of arguably the world’s best garden furniture. For instance, this chic outdoor furniture collection is characterised by carefully considered design and the use of luxury materials.

Design Garden Furniture

The company was founded in 1992 by design engineers Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman, who are also the principle designers. Initially, the company made a name for itself selling teak garden furniture.

Luxury Teak Furniture

To this day, Royal Botania continue to design and manufacture modern teak furniture. For instance, notable collections include Zenhit teak sofas and XQI teak dining furniture. Lastly, Nara is a range of avant garde teak sofas and garden benches designed by Louis Benech.

Modern Garden Sofas

Royal Botania have subsequently evolved to embrace new materials and daring design concepts. For instance, Organix garden sofas feature organically inspired design. Moreover, Ninix Lounge garden corner sofas feature simple linear design, enhanced with plump all-weather upholstery.

Contemporary Outdoor Dining Furniture

Royal Botania garden dining sets offer fantastic contemporary style together with versatile functionality. For instance, Styletto garden tables are available in a range of sizes, even including a stunning 3.0m elliptical garden table. What’s more, this chic outdoor table is available in an exciting range of luxury finishes. Next, Traverse folding garden table features innovative engineering and alluring modern design. Moreover, Traverse quickly and easily folds-away, making it perfect for small terraces and balconies.

Poolside Furniture

Relaxing around the pool is a serious business. Significantly, Royal Botania have some unique options to allow you to enjoy your precious leisure time. For instance, Tuskany teak daybed enables you and your loved one to create an intimate and secluded island of relaxation. Next, Styletto adjustable sun lounger has elegant design, and is made in finest garden furniture materials. Lastly, don’t forget your parasol! Importantly, Royal Botania offer a wide range of shading solutions. For instance, Palma is an award winning parasol that features unique functionality.

All Weather Furniture Materials

Significantly, Royal Botania use only the finest materials.

Teak Hardwood

For instance, the company’s luxury hardwood furniture is made in teak (Tectona grandis). Moreover, the company ensure that all teak is responsibly, legally and sustainably sourced. What’s more, Royal Botania is determined to give back more to the environment than it takes. For instance, they established the Green Forest Plantation Company, which has now planted more than 250,000 teak trees.

Stainless Steel

Significantly, stainless steel is strong and corrosion-resistant, making it highly suitable for luxury garden furniture. What’s more, the material is recyclable at the end of its lifetime.


Aluminium is another material that is widely used for modern garden furniture. For instance, aluminium is strong and corrosion-resistant, and also lighter than stainless steel. Lastly, aluminium is also recyclable once it reaches the end of its lifespan.

Encompass Furniture & Royal Botania

Encompass Furniture Ltd only sells products that we are happy to put our name to. Significantly, Encompass Furniture has been working with Royal Botania for over 15 years, making them one of our oldest suppliers.

Moreover, Royal Botania products feature fantastic design and are made to the highest standards. What’s more, the company offers fantastic after sales service.

Consequently, we are delighted to offer you this collection of modern garden furniture and accessories. Moreover, experience tells us that you will be delighted with your purchase.


Royal Botania