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About Quodes Products

Quodes Modern Design Furniture
Quodes is a Dutch modern design furniture company founded in 2006 by Bert Por. The collection consists of tables, chairs and storage units. 90% of the products are produced in the Netherlands and Germany.

Quodes modern design furniture is characterised by exclusive modern design, highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Quodes work with leading European and international designers to create unique & timeless modern design furniture & accessories with their own strong identity. Quodes modern design furniture is chosen by discerning design aficionados worldwide, and is suitable for residential, hospitality and contract projects.
Company Ethos
Quodes modern design furniture products are potentially ‘lifetime companions’ and thus, personal in style and sustainable in production. You can turn any space into an attractive and inspiring place with these designs.

In every piece the company strives for the perfect balance between craftsmanship and intelligent manufacturing. As a result you can often choose your own colours, model variation or material option.
The collection is created by a small selection of leading designers from different backgrounds and countries. Designers include;

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby (London) – Satellite side/low board, bedside table

Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam) – Ken stool / table seating, mirror, dressing table, (bed)side table.

Alfredo Häberli (Zürich) – Stammtisch table, Stammplatz chair, Pattern bookcase/side board, Empire bookcase, Teca bedside table/dress boy/wardrobe/chest of drawers.

Nendo (Tokyo) – Collar side/low board/bedside table/bookcase, Hexagon bookcase/side table.

Sylvain Willenz (Brussels) – Stone table/chair/bar stool.

Each designer has a strong individual signature that is reflected in their design.  Several pieces from the collection
have been exhibited in museums, published in art books or magazines and awarded internationally.