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Joli tables & chairs are quintessentially Belgian. Moreover, the company’s unique range of products bring a revitalizing element to your garden or inside the house, making you feel truly at home.

What’s more, you can personalise this unique range of furniture to your exact desires. For instance, browse from a tempting range of finishes, all the way down to choosing the smallest detail such as edge finish you’d like for your ceramic table top.


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About Joli Products


Our friends at Joli believe that people are designed to be together, & that life is designed to be lived to the full, without boundaries or restrictions.

So please come to the table. Eat, drink, play, work, think, talk. Create memories and make them last.

Joli tables are the anchors of life, surviving seasons and generations.
Importantly, the tables bring people together, to create lasting memories.

Moreover, the company’s unique range of products bring a revitalizing element to your indoor or outdoor spaces, making you feel truly at home.


Joli are a versatile team of Belgian design professionals who have proudly shaped the company’s identity. For instance, chief designers include;

  • Mathias de Ferm
  • John Ghekiere

What’s more, the company is dedicated to crafting 100% Belgian design with a timeless touch. For example, the company’s products seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor aesthetics, creating furniture that is convenient, comfortable & strikingly beautiful

Furniture Range

Significantly, the company is perhaps best known for its collection of innovative ceramic tables. For example, the Joli table range includes;

  • elliptical tables, up to 6m in length!
  • extendable tables
  • circular tables
  • square tables
  • bistro tables
  • rectangular tables

Moreover, the tables are perfect for use in;

  • the garden
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • office
  • conference room

Moreover, the company’s range also includes;

  • low tables
  • chairs
  • loungers
  • accessories

Furniture Collection

Joli’s best known ranges of contemporary furniture include;

  • Central
  • Collins
  • Curve
  • Fizz
  • Flower
  • Layers
  • Marguerite
  • Propelle
  • Sepia
  • Wire


Importantly, the company’s commitment to longevity is evident in the choice of;

  • indestructible ceramics
  • stainless steel
  • lacquered aluminum

Consequently, this ensures that your memories and furniture endure today and beyond.

What’s more, most of these materials are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life.

Customise Your Finish

Importantly, you have full control over the appearance of your Joli table
and chairs. For example, browse a wide variety of finishes, styles, and finishing touches. Significantly, you can even choose down to the smallest detail, such as how you would like the table edge to be finished.