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AK47 Fire Pits

Italian innovators AK47 are creators of arguably the world’s finest luxury fire pits.

For example, the fire pits feature sophisticated modern Italian design and the use of carefully curated materials.

What’s more, you can specify these luxury outdoor fireplaces in a range of sizes, formats & materials.

Moreover, these unique furnishings will quickly become a focal point in any outdoor space. Consequently, the braziers provide a uniquely alluring stage to host the timeless theatre of flame.

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About AK47 Fire Pits Products

AK47 Fire Pits

Italian firm AK47 Design design & produce arguably the world’s finest luxury fire pits. 

Importantly, these chic garden fireplaces effortlessly blend sophisticated modern Italian design together with everyday functionality.

Consequently, the company’s products are a unique furnishing that quickly become the focal point in any outdoor space.

You won’t find a more stylish stage to host the timeless dance & drama of flames.

Luxury Materials

Significantly, you can choose your firepit in a wide range of sizes and formats, as well an exciting palette of finishes and materials.

For instance, AK47 use luxury outdoor materials, which include;

  • concrete
  • galvanised steel
  • zinc phosphated steel
  • corten weathering steel
  • stainless steel
  • natural stone and marble
  • ceramic

What’s more, these high-end materials not only look fantastic, but also provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and the worst that the weather can throw at them.

Moreover, exceptional craftsmanship and luxury quality materials ensure that your AK47 fire pit also becomes a stunning piece of furniture in your garden or on the terrace!


AK47 Fire Pits