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Water-proof garden cushions?

Water-proof garden cushions? The Holy Grail for luxury outdoor furniture suppliers is to be able to offer water-proof cushions for their collections of garden furniture. Whilst many offer this, the reality is that water will often still enter the cushion via stitching, defeating the claim of water-proofing. FueraDentro – a Dutch manufacturer of high-end garden furniture believe they have the solution. The entire FueraDentro Cima & FueraDentro Cima Lounge collections are available with cushions produced from Stamskin synthetic leather, which is impervious to water, and is a specialist outdoor fabric developed for the marine industry by Ferrari, France. Water may still enter the cushion through the stitching, but this quickly drains through the cushion, thanks to the use of “Dry Fast” foam, which has a honeycomb structure that quickly releases any moisture. Moreover, the underside of the FueraDentro Stamskin cushions are made from Batyline, a durable exterior spec mesh fabric, which quickly releases any moisture. FueraDentro Stamskin cushions can therefore be left out in all weathers, although we would recommend storing the cushions over the winter.