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Tuuci Zero Horizon Parasol

Tuuci Zero Horizon Parasol

Zero Horizon – minimalist parasol by Tuuci

The Zero Horizon provides a minimalist approach to shade equipment design. What’s more, it maximizes overhead umbrella utility with a “zero” vertical canopy profile providing a minimal fixture impact in any enclave of natural beauty.

The Ocean Master, TUUCI’s flagship collection, innovative and stunning. An architectural triumph in shade engineering and design, constructed to withstand the harshest global environments. TUUCI’s patented modular operating systems and marine-grade construction provide extreme durability, dependability and ease of use.


Marine-Grade, Armor-Wall-Aluminium Construction

Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout

Reinforced Strut Design

Solid Milled-Aluminium Finial Design

This collection of parasols are a small example of the vast collections Tuuci offer. Indeed, they provide a vast range of modern and contemporary parasols. What’s more, they are all built to the very highest quality using only the finest materials available. Further more, we believe Tuuci to be the finest parasols available anywhere in the world.

Encompass Supply Tuuci parasols to private residences as well as commercial project. What’s more, we have completed specifications across the world working with leading designers and architects.

Many options

Tuuci parasol are available in ,many shapes and sizes. What’s more, they are available with many finish, base and colour options