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TUUCI Single Cantilever MAX Parasol

TUUCI Single Cantilever MAX Parasol

TUUCI Single Cantilever MAX Parasol – modern design parasol by TUUCI, Miami – USA.

The Ocean Master MAX Single Cantilever parasols are simply art and engineering harmonizing in a symphony of shade.

The polished and anodized marine-grade canopy structure cantilevers from a sturdy, oval shaped mast inspired by sailing yachts. What’s more, with the combined features of an ultra-strong aluminium milled fulcrum and automatic telescoping mast, the shade membrane easily closes over tables and chairs.

Canopy available in Octagonal, square and rectangle.

TUUCI’s new “V MAX” ™ strut design features a four-point profile which concentrates strength along the radial walls at precisely the positions where maximum wind-forces are applied. What’s more, the “V-MAX” ™ struts’ radically superior engineering reduces weight and provides a multi-faceted polished exterior for refined design appeal.


Polish Titanium Marine-Grade Finish
V-MAX Reinforced Strut Design
5/15 year Limited Warranty
Precision Milled Aluminium Components
Easy-Drive Crank/ Telescoping and Marine Pulley Systems Available

What’s more, Encompass offer the complete collection of modern and contemporary parasols from Tuuci. Moreover, we believe this collection to include the finest parasols in the world. Indeed, offering both luxury quality and build, they are unparalleled.

Aside from the single cantilever MAX, there are many other designs to choose from.