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Top 5 Best Modern Fire Pits

Top 5 Best Modern Fire Pits

There’s a hint of Autumn in the air as the days get shorter and the evenings a bit chillier, so we’re having a look at outdoor heating, and in particular the top 5 best modern fire pits.

Whether you have a traditional garden or a minimalist garden with linear design Encompass Furniture offer a wide range of styles and designs of top-end fire pits. So here we go in reverse order for the Top 5 Best modern fire pits;

5. Sebios Tendu corten steel fire pit and log storage. Designed by Oscar Van Buijtene, Tendu is a vertical garden fireplace with optional log storage units that can be fitted one or both sides of the fire place. Tendu portrait-style garden fireplace is made in high quality Corten steel available in oxidised or black lacquered finishes. Tendu is optionally available with a high quality stainless steel BBQ grill. We like this fire for its curvaceous design, high quality materials, functionality and versatility.

4. Viteo Pure outdoor concrete fire table. Designed by Wolfgang Pichler, Pure fire table has clean architectural lines and is made in concrete in either light grey or dark grey colour finishes. The fire table can be used as a fire pit and also as a BBQ. What really makes Viteo Pure modern concrete table special is its modularity. The Viteo Pure collection includes a wide range of modular garden sofas, luxury garden lounge furniture and modern sun loungers, which can be combined to create infinite configurations of high-end outdoor sofas. The Pure fire table can be incorporated into any of these configurations to create a striking and cosy focal point amongst the luxurious outdoor lounge furniture.

3. Things are warming up, and we are going Italian for #3 in the best luxury fire pits. AK47 Zero circular fire pit & log store in oxidised steel has become an iconic design since first launched some 7 years ago. Zero fire pit’s modern design is hard to beat – it’s so simple yet completely functional. With its built in log store, Zero oxidised steel fire pit accommodates and keeps dry a large amount of firewood. Moreover, Zero modern Italian fire pit easily converts into a BBQ. AK47 Zero is available in 3 sizes of 1.45m, 2.0m and 3.0m diametre.

2. Staying in Italy, we’re going to add some optional luxury materials and ultimate sophistication with AK47 Opera high-end square fire pit. Again designed by Ivano Losa, Opera measures an impressive 2.0 x 2.0m square and has a distinctive look with its off-set from centre fire chamber, and is ideal for more geometric surroundings. What really brings this luxury yard fire pit alive is the array of decadent materials available for the top bench seat……Rain Forest Brown Marble, Rain Forest Green Marble, Reclaimed Walnut or Oxidised steel can all be specified. Opera fire pit’s flames are held captive behind a chic glass fire screen, and you can also optionally use Opera as a BBQ.

It’s #1 Best Modern Fire Pit time, and we are STILL in Italy…..what is it with these guys and good modern design? AK47 Ercole luxury circular fire pit is an evolution of the AK47 Zero fire pit, but with much, much more! Ercole designer fire pit shares Zero fire pit’s integrated log storage and optional BBQ grill. But it’s the addition of a wide range of high-end materials for Ercole’s circular bench seat surround that propel it to The World’s Best Modern Fire Pit….in our opinion  ; )

You can choose Ercole fire pit’s bench seat in concrete in Grey, White or Brown colour finishes, or for a touch of decadence go for Rain Forest Green Marble, Rain Forest Brown Marble or Teak Wood Marble. Moreover, Ercole fire pit is available in sizes of 1.5m diametre or for 2.5m diametre.

So there you have it – the countdown for the top 5 best modern fire pits. Please contact us for further information and International sales.

Encompass Furniture offer Free UK/EU mainland delivery for our range of luxury modern fire pits and also Free professional installation of many of our fire pits.