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Teak Garden Furniture

Imagine an Edwardian steamship effortlessly cutting through the waves of the Atlantic ocean, en route to New York. Elegantly dressed passengers hold onto their hats whilst taking their daily walk on the promenade deck. Meanwhile, other passengers chat and relax on deck whilst sat on distinctive wooden reclining chairs. It was perhaps these hardwood steamer chairs that first bought teak furniture into the public consciousness. From then on, teak furniture would be associated with style, quality, longevity and natural charm. Fast-forward to present day, and teak garden furniture still conjures up the same emotions and associations. However, a lot has happened in the timeline of hardwood garden furniture in the last hundred years.


Quality Teak Furniture Properties

Teak (Tectona grandis) derives its name from the Malayalam word “tēkka”. This highly prized hardwood is native to India, Thailand and Myanmar, but is now also grown in Africa and South & Central America. Significantly, the timber is dimensionally stable and naturally oil-rich, making it incredibly strong and highly resistant to rotting and corrosion. Consequently, these characteristics make teak the perfect choice for luxury outdoor furniture. Lastly, teak outdoor furniture naturally acquires a stylish silver-grey patina once exposed to the elements. Whilst some clients highly prize this chic finish, others prefer to apply a teak preserver to maintain the wood’s original golden hues.


Sustainable Teak Furniture

The planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges as pressures grow on the world’s natural resources. Consequently, it’s never been more important to ensure that we supply responsibly sourced teak furniture.


FSC Teak Furniture

The FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest wood is sourced from has been managed in a sustainable way. For example, this involves the preservation of biological diversity, whilst also benefiting the lives of local people and workers as well as ensuring sustainable economic viability. Moreover, FSC-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Consequently, the FSC label provides the peace of mind that you are purchasing the finest quality teak furniture that has been sourced and produced in a responsible manner.


FSC Garden Furniture Companies

Many of the brands available on our website are only using FSC-sourced teak for their products. For instance, all teak used in the Cane-line garden furniture collection is FSC certified. Secondly, both Yati & Kebon and Grythyttan outdoor furniture also used only FSC certified teak. Next, all teak used for Roshults garden furniture is FSC certified. Lastly, Roda furniture is also optionally available in FSC certified teak.

Like all of our suppliers, Royal Botania only selects mature teakwood, thus ensuring maximum strength in their products. Significantly, Royal Botania consider it their obligation to give back more to the planet than the company consumes. For example, the company’s dedicated team constantly monitors the full traceability of each piece of wood used in production, ensuring a sustainable business practice. Moreover, it is the company’s aim to ensure that future generations will be able to harvest and appreciate this natural treasure.


Green Forest Plantation Company

Royal Botania set up the Green Forest Plantation Company in 2011. This created a teak plantation with a surface area of approximately 200 hectares / 500 acres. Over 250,000 teak trees were planted there between 2011 and 2014. This will ensure the continued production of finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact, helping with their aim to create a sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth. All teak used by FueraDentro is also sourced from Royal Botania’s timber programme.


Modern Teak Garden Furniture

The marriage of traditional craftsmanship, high-tech manufacturing processes and innovative modern design has led to the development of stylish and original modern teak outdoor furniture. Teak can also be used in conjunction with other high quality furniture materials to create visually striking all-weather furniture combinations. For instance, our suppliers use a variety of low maintenance furniture materials including powder coated aluminium, stainless steel, ceramics and high-end outdoor fabrics. Consequently, our ranges of luxury teak garden furniture are often available in a wide range of exciting finish combinations and sizes.


Solid Teak Dining Furniture

Functionality, comfort and style are just as important for outdoor dining furniture as they are in the home. We offer a wide range of solid teak dining table options, as well as teak and ceramic choices.

Cane-line Endless is one of our most popular solid teak garden tables. The table top features staggered broad teak plants which create a striking visual effect. What’s more, Endless is available in a range of rectangular and circular sizes. Secondly, Cane-line Grace furniture includes solid teak tables, benches and chairs which can be configured in a variety of ways. Thirdly, Roda Levante teak dining set boasts sophisticated modern design by Piero Lissoni. What’s more, the Levante’s rectangular teak tables are available in two different sizes. Next, Royal Botania XQI teak tables feature simple linear design which comfortably works in a variety of surroundings. Moreover, the XQI range also includes both stacking a folding teak chairs. Lastly, Royal Botania Zidiz table has curvaceous modern design, and is also optionally available as an extending teak table.

U-nite and Styletto garden tables have sophisticated modern design evocative of interior luxury, and are available in a range of finishes and sizes. Significantly, you can specify these outdoor dining tables with both teak tops and legs. Alternatively, choose from a tempting range of marble-effect or single colour ceramics for their table tops. Both tables are also optionally available with powder coated aluminium legs. The Styletto exterior table is uniquely also available in a low dining height too. For instance, combine Styletto low dining table with Zenhit low dining chair to create a more comfortable and convivial dining experience.


Teak Garden Sofas

Good teak lounge furniture should provide you with the same level of comfort and style you’ve come to expect from indoor sofas. What’s more, the natural hues of weathered silver-grey teak will harmoniously blend with any outdoor planting scheme.

Royal Botania garden sofas are available in a range of formats and materials, including teak. Perhaps the best known of these is Zenhit lounge furniture. Zenhit features solid teak sofas and daybeds which can be configured to create a myriad of modular configurations to suit your environment. What’s more, this luxury teak sofa is available with a wide range of the highest quality outdoor furniture cushions. Secondly, Calypso Lounge teak sofas are notable for their upholstered backs which introduce further interior charm. Moreover, the Calypso garden lounge set is also modular, enabling you to tailor the furniture to your exact requirements.

Thirdly, Roda garden sofas feature sophisticated Italian design. The collection includes a range of different teak sofas, including Levante, Teka, Mistral and Network.

Lastly, Jati & Kebon outdoor lounge furniture is notable for its accessible modern design. The collection includes a range of FSC teak garden sofas such as Truro and Ritz.


Teak Sun Loungers

Teak’s strength, weather-resistance and natural charm also make it the perfect choice for luxury sunbeds.

Firstly, Roshults Swedish garden furniture is notable for its minimalist lines and high quality materials. The company’s portfolio includes the Garden Lounger, an FSC teak sunbed with anthracite stainless steel frame. Secondly, Cane-line Amaze is a solid teak sunbed with simple contemporary design that everyone will appreciate. Thirdly, the extensive Royal Botania range of modern sun loungers includes XQI teak sunbed. This features a Batyline mesh seat and back, available in black, white, or brown colour finishes. Next, Royal Botania Calypso collection includes an adjustable teak sun lounger. Moreover, you can optionally fit an upholstered back to turn Calypso into a chic daybed. Lastly, Jati & Kebon leisure furniture range also includes Ritz adjustable teak sun lounger.


Teak Bar Furniture

Enjoy a drink in the company of family and friends around teak bar furniture. Teak’s strength and tactile surfaces also make it ideal for outdoor bar furniture.

Roshults Open Bistro includes different sized high tables and bar stools. Importantly, these modern bar tables and stools can be used alone or in conjunction with Open Kitchen garden kitchen. What’s more, the Roshults range of exterior bar furniture also includes the Garden Bar Furniture range. Moreover, both collections are notable for their linear design and combination of teak and anthracite stainless steel. Secondly, Roda exterior bar furniture collection includes Plaza teak high bar table. Plaza harmoniously combines with Network bar stool.

Thirdly, Royal Botania bar furniture includes XQI teak bar table and bar stool. What’s more, both Alura and Ninix garden bar tables are optionally available with a swish teak table top. Lastly, Cane-line offers a wide range of outdoor bar furniture, including Peacock teak bar chairs. Peacock features an uber-comfy tub seat that you simply won’t want to get out of.


Teak Parasols

Once again, this remarkable material’s strength and natural charm makes it perfect for high quality parasols. For instance, Royal Botania’s parasol collection includes the Shady Teak parasol, which features a solid teak mast, ribs, and hub. What’s more, Shady parasol is also optionally available with a stainless steel mast and teak ribs.