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New Products for 2010 from Royal Botania

Encompass are pleased to announce brand new designs from Royal Botania.
From minimilist to conceptual, Royal Botania have a range for every residential and commercial application.


FOLD is a funky marriage between contemporary materials and a 60s design.

The seat is made of carefully shaped acrylic plates which nicely compliment its shiny electro-polished stainless steel base. Available as an individual lounge chair or as a modular lounge system. The modular FOLD elements can be joined in numerous configurations, allowing you to be creative with the lay-out of the lounge corner of your dreams. Now just throw in the deluxe cushions and invite your friends for a drink…


Straight minimalist lines are known to result in pure shapes. Therefore achieving purity in design, working with female curves, and convex- or concave surfaces, is much more of a challenge. This exercise gets even more complex when the outcome not only needs to look sleek but also needs to provide optimal ergonomics and comfort. Nevertheless, all these requirements have been met by cutting and forming aluminium plates into these exceptionally beautiful shapes that are so typical of D-LUX furniture. Indeed, the word ‘ordinary’ simply does not feature in a description of D-LUX furniture. The collection includes sun loungers, a striking dining table, carver chairs and dining chairs.


You could regard the products under the RED LABEL umbrella, as our “light” collection.

Light in this case does not necessarily refer to their weight, even though when developing the range the focus was on an economical use of material, without compromising the overall quality and refinement, a feature that has given the Royal Botania brand its worldwide appreciation. In this RED LABEL family two lines of chairs called QT and BOKZ are complimented with the SEXION table range. The latter comes in a variety of colours, sizes and materials so as to ensure sure you can find that perfect match. Obviously all these pieces can be nicely combined with other families of the Royal Botania collection, so we leave it to you to be creative.


A box-like folded seat suspended in a tubular aluminium space-frame might not be the first thing that comes to mind when imagining a comfortable chair. Nevertheless, this original concept reveals more than just good looks, it also offers more comfort than you might expect once the inside is clad with the fine upholstery of the matching cushions. The latter not only bring comfort, but the wide range of colours also allow you to customize your BOKZ chair, and thus make it even more appealing.