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New Products from Quodes

New Products from Quodes

New Products from Quodes – European design house

Pattern by Alfredo Haberli

The book shelf Pattern as featured in several museums and chosen as “Best Shelving of the Year” by Wallpaper magazine.
Pattern uses an aluminum composite material and comes in several dimensions.

Collar by Nendo

Quodes – introducing cabinets designed by Japanese designer Nendo.

Nendo drew inspiration for Collar from the collar of a shirt. Quodes extends the range with an affordable bookcase and show case.

Hexagon by Nendo

New Products from Quodes also include This cool Hexagon. Significantly, it boasts a contemporary interpretation of a form first seen in ancient Greek geometry. The regular six-sided unts are each divided by vertical sheets. When stacked they produce a beautiful rotational symmetry, typical of the hexagon. What’s more Hexagon features powder coated aluminum / steel, heights from 36 cm to 178 cm and in black or white. Other colours on request.

Satellite by Barber Osgerby – New Products from Quodes

The Satellite by Barber Osgerby – perfect for the living room, bedroom or office. Satellite offers an impressive flexibility in colours, models and configurations. Significantly, Satellite now uses light weight MDF, which reduces the weight of Satellite by 30-40%!