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Modern Fire Pits by Ak47

The collection of  Ak47 modern fire pits are amongst the finest contemporary outdoor fire pits currently available anywhere in the world. Moreover, they are instantly recognisable for understated Italian design and use of exciting and innovative materials. The dancing flames and warmth of a luxury fire pit makes the perfect place to gather with family and friends. Indeed, they are perfect as the day’s heat turns to the chill of the night. AK47 modern fire pits also make magnificent year-round outdoor sculpture that are appreciated whatever the weather. The AK47 range includes concrete fire pits, marble fire pits and oxidised steel fire pits. Further more, they can be large circular fire pits, large square fire pits, stone fire pits and fire pits with log storage.

Contemporary Fire Pits

AK47’s chief designer Ivano Losa draws inspiration from the natural world around him. Significantly, the design features timeless form and elemental materials in the creation of the luxury fire pit collection. The timeless simplicity of AK47 modern fire pits ensure that they are perfect in both modern and traditional surroundings. Each AK47 luxury fire pit is also optionally available with a cooking grill which instantly converts the fire pit into a convenient BBQ.

Luxury Fire Pit Materials

AK47 contemporary outdoor fire pits are made in a range of high-end materials. Whats more, these are aesthetically pleasing as well as requiring minimum maintenance. Luxury fire pit materials include galvanised steel, oxidised steel, marble, concrete, and reclaimed chestnut. All AK47 contemporary outdoor fire pits are optionally available with a cover to keep your luxury fire pit in A1 condition.

Concrete Fire Pits

AK47 concrete fire pits are available in three different finishes

  • Natural Grey
  • White
  • Brown.

Ercole concrete fire pits are available in sizes of 1.5m diametre and 2.5m diametre. Further more, Ercole fire pits feature log storage enable you to conveniently keep firewood immediately to hand, whilst keeping your fuel dry.

Marble Fire Pits

Ercole luxury fire pit comes in a range of high end materials for you to chose from. These finishes are available in 3 captivating finishes;

  • Rain Forest Green marble
  • Rain Forest Brown marble
  • Teak Wood marble.

Oxidised Steel Fire Pits

Using oxidised steel to create these fire pits, give an organic and natural aesthetic. Thus, perfectly toning with all kinds of planting and most hard landscaping materials. AK47 oxidised steel fire pits include

Large Circular Fire Pits

AK47 large circular fire pits include Ercole concrete fire pits, Zero oxidised steel fire pits and Rondo stone fire pits. Artu is surely the most impressive of the large circular fire pits, measuring 3.0 m diametre. Artu has body in galvanised steel and oxidised steel, with top surface in reclaimed chestnut.

Large Square Fire Pits

Large square fire pits include Toast oxidised steel fire pits which measure 1.25 m x 1.25 m. Toast fire pits with log storage can also be quickly and easily converted to a BBQ. The opera large square fire pits measure 2.0 m x 2.0 m and are available in a wide range of materials including marble, oxidised steel and reclaimed walnut.

Stone Fire Pits

AK47 stone fire pits include Rondo large circular fire pits which are made in Santafiora Trachyte and oxidised steel. Rondo luxury fire pit measures an impressive 2m diametre, and makes an impressive outdoor sculpture.  Ercole marble fire pits are available in Rain Forest Green marble, Rain Forest Brown marble or Teak Wood marble and are available in sizes of 1.5m diametre and 2.5m diametre.

Fire Pits With Log Storage

Contemporary fire pits with log storage offer fantastic functionality – your firewood is kept dry and out of the rain, and is immediately to hand when you need it. The logs also make a stylish aesthetic contrast to the luxury fire pit materials. AK47 fire pits with log storage include Zero large circular fire pits, Ercole concrete fire pits and opera & Toast large square fire pits.