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Minimalist Garden Furniture Installation

FueraDentro Minimalist Garden Furniture

FueraDentro are specialist designers and manufacturers of luxury garden furniture. For example, the furniture featured here includes the company’s sleek Doble garden table designed by Henk Steenbakkers, shown together with the uber-comfy Shell tub chair designed by Jan des Bouvrie.

Importantly, FueraDentro use only premium garden furniture materials, ensuring lifetime of great looks. Moreover, the furniture provides exceptional comfort and functionality all year-round, whatever the weather.

High End Outdoor Dining Furniture

Doble garden table has timeless lines, and the twin pedestal leg makes the furniture quite unique. What’s more, the gentle curves of Shell garden tub chair nicely contrast with minimalist lines of Doble table.

Moreover, the neutral tones of the materials used for the table and chairs perfectly harmonise with one another.

Doble Linear Garden Table

Doble modern garden dining table comes in a range of sizes from a compact 1.6m through to an impressive 3.0m single span table. Consequently, you’re sure to find a size that perfectly works for you.

Further more, you can also specify this stylish garden table in a range of colour finishes too. For instance, you can choose the table’s frame and legs in;

  • brushed or EP stainless steel
  • cendre (taupe) powder coat
  • black powder coat
  • white powder coat

Moreover, you can specify Doble’s table top in a range stylish and hardwearing materials, which include;

  • Belgian bluestone
  • marble-effect and single colour ceramics
  • toughened glass
  • plantation teak

Shell Garden Tub Chair

Shell modern garden dining chair retro design draws inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s. Significantly, Shell is one of the most comfortable chairs that we’ve ever supplied! For instance, the chair provides perfect support for long afternoons and evenings entertaining with family and friends.

Moreover, you can specify the chair’s intricately hand-woven tub seat in 3 colour finishes of;

  • Cendre (Taupe)
  • White
  • Black

Next, you can choose the chair’s legs in;

  • sleek electro-polished stainless steel
  • warm and tactile plantation teak

Lastly, browse a wide range of stylish Sunbrella outdoor fabrics for the chair’s cozy cushion seat pad.

Premium Garden Furniture Materials

FueraDentro minimalist garden furniture features unique modern design and the exclusive use of highest quality materials.

For example, the featured London installation shows the Doble table with brushed stainless steel base and Belgian bluestone table top.

Belgian Bluestone

Significantly, the name Belgian “bluestone” is perhaps a misnomer. For example, the stone is in fact a dark grey colour. Interestingly, Belgian Bluestone is widely used in the Netherlands for kerb stones and window sills, together with other applications where durability is a must.

Belgian Blue Stone, also known as Petit Granit-Pierre Bleue de Belgique, is a 100% natural stone mined in Belgium, in the region of Soignies. Moreover, the stone is a limestone with a rich geological history. For instance, 350 million years ago, part of the southern half of Belgium was covered by the sea.

Brushed Stainless Steel

Next, the table’s brushed stainless steel pedestal base has a timeless aesthetic as well as being highly durable too. For example, the material is;

  • strong
  • highly resistant to corrosion
  • easy to maintain and clean
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its long life

Batyline Fibre

Shell garden tub chair has seat and back woven in high quality Batyline fibre. Importantly, the fibre has a tactile look and feel. What’s more, the material is;

  • UV resistant
  • stain resistant
  • mildew resistant

Electro-Polished Stainless Steel

Lastly, Shell chair’s legs use electro-polished stainless steel. Importantly, the material has a handsome gleam and is easy to clean and maintain too. What’s more, the material is;

  • strong
  • corrosion-resistant in even the harshest marine environments
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its long life

Modern Garden Furniture London

Encompass Furniture supply a wide range of luxury products for modern garden furniture London projects. Moreover, our carefully selected brands supply only the highest quality products. Consequently, we offer these products to end consumers, architects & designers, hoteliers & restaurants etc.

European Garden Furniture

In the space of just over 20 years, FueraDentro have grown to become a leading producer of modern outdoor furniture. What’s more, the company’s product portfolio includes;