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Luxury Fire Pits for Outdoor Dining

Luxury Fire Pits for Summer Living

Luxury fire pits are the ultimate in outdoor furniture. When the summer months are rolling in and the evenings are getting longer, it’s the time of year when people start to wish they could stay outside all night.  Telling stories, toasting marshmallows and even toasting the odd drink too. Not only can they be incredibly stylish, but they also provide a practical focal point. Moreover, a fire pit can help make your garden a much more relaxing place to entertain and spend long periods of time.

Here are some of our most stylish and popular fire pits to entice you into adding a new feature to your outdoor space.

M-Classic Pizza Oven

Don’t be fooled by the name of the M-Classic Pizza Oven, it also doubles as a BBQ and an outdoor fireplace, not only allowing you to entertain guests, but to feed them as well, all with one device.

Designed by Sebastian Pawłowski for Marusia. The endlessly versatile M-Classic is designed to be the ultimate tool for entertaining. It can change its function to flow with you as the night draws on. Becoming a BBQ in the afternoon, a pizza oven at night, an outdoor fireplace in the evening. Allowing  the conversation to continue long into the night until the last embers die out.

Lava Nest Fire Pit

When it comes to modern outdoor luxury fire pits, you can’t get much more modern than the Lava Nest Fire Pit, designed for the Danish basalt garden furniture company Unknown Nordic.

This stylish garden fire basket not only has the ability to exude warmth, comfort & style, but it also functions as a BBQ. Grilling meats and vegetables is made simple whilst you keep your guests warm.

AK47 Tripee Tripod

The AK47 Tripee Tripod flaunts its nomad-inspired style and with a height of 2.8 metres, it works perfectly as the focal point for any garden.

Designed by Ivano Losa for AK47 Design outdoor firepit company, the Tripee tripod is made from oxidised steel. This steel is chemically treated to prevent corrosion. Significantly, this is important for durability and longevity. Especially for furniture that is left alone outside for long periods of time.

AK47 Ercole Fire Pit

In the world of luxury fire pits, the AK47 Ercole Fire Pit is clearly more than just your standard fire pit.

The Ercole, meaning Hercules in Italian, acts as a year-round garden sculpture that will leave guests in awe. Undoubtedly sculpturally beautiful, as the evening rolls in Ercole begins hosting the theatre of fire for that night’s entertainment. Moreover, Ercole features a large amount of integrated log storage. Indeed, once you sit down in front of this fire pit, you’re likely to be there for a while.

Designed by Ivano Losa for AK47 Design, the Ercole fire pit is available in a range of high-end pit finishes. Specifying marble really brings out the statuesque qualities of this fire pit. Placing Ercole in any outdoor space will elevate its ambience, really bringing your garden to life!