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Heatsail Dome Patio Heaters

Heatsail Dome Patio Heaters

Heatsail Dome patio heatersHeatsail Dome Patio Heaters bring the warmth and conviviality of your home outdoors. What’s more, Heatsail Dome patio heaters boast timeless modern design. Further more, they are hand-made in Belgium, a country with a reputation for outdoor entertaining, whatever the weather. Further still, the built in lamp and the use of highest quality materials make Heatsail Dome heaters the perfect all-in-one terrace heater and outdoor lamp.

Far Infrared Technology

Heatsail Dome heaters feature state-of -the art infrared heating technology. Significantly, this gently warms like the rays of the sun within a 5m diametre. What’s more,  Heatsail Dome outdoor heaters give off zero emissions and have low power consumption. Moreover, they are 5x more efficient than a standard gas “mushroom” terrace heater. Dome heater’s heat setting and lamp are both easily adjusted with the supplied remote control.

Freestanding or suspended

These high quality electric terrace heaters are available in freestanding cantilever format (Heatsail Dome Bow) and a ceiling-hung version (Heatsail Dome Pendant).

Pendant modern electric patio heater requires minimum maintenance. Therefore, they are suitable for a wide range of locations, including private gardens, terraces, restaurants, hotels, bars, smoking areas, pergolas, spas etc.