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Heatsail Dome Bow Modern Electric Patio Heater

Heatsail Dome Bow

Heatsail Dome Bow modern electric patio heater & lamp. Dome Bow – arguabl y the finest looking contemporary outdoor electric heater available today. What’s more, it boasts  a timeless elegant design.

Heatsail Dome Bow modern electric patio heater hoasts many practical features. Indeed, making it a truly unique all-in-one terrace heater & garden floor lamp.

Dome Bow contemporary electric patio heaters are designed and hand-made by Heatsail in Belgium. Moreover, using only highest quality materials, which are rust and weather-proof, ensuring a lifetime of outdoor use. Heatsail Dome Bow patio heater and lamp has low power consumption. There fore, using 5x less energy than a regular gas patio heater, and has zero CO2 emissions. What’s more, Heatsail Dome Bow modern electric patio heater requires minimum maintenance. Indeed, making it suitable for a wide range of locations, including private gardens, terraces, restaurants, hotels, bars, smoking areas etc.

Infra Red Technology

Heatsail Dome Bow modern electric patio heater heats by emitting infrared rays, a cutting-edge heating technology that gently warms like the rays from the sun. Dome Bow modern patio heater features 2 power settings of 1500W or 2850W, easily controlled with the flick of a switch (or at the touch of a button on optional remote control). Heatsail Dome electric garden fire’s heat radiates within a 5m diametre, allowing you, your family and friends to make summer nights last forever.

Heatsail Dome Bow contemporary cantilever garden heaters are available in 2 heights; 1.8m height clearance (Dome Bow Low) suitable for dining & lounge furniture. The 1.95m height clearance (Dome Bow High) for use around bar furniture.

Heatsail Dome Bow modern electric terrace heaters also come as  standard with a light (120W), which is dimmable when used with the optional remote control.

Practical Design and Materials

Dome Bow’s heating/lighting hood uses powder coated aluminium. What’s more, with the interior finished in a luxurious gold which focuses and radiates Dome’s infrared rays. Further more, the hood’s exterior comes finished in a high quality black or white polyester powder coat. Moreover, Dome Bow’s boom and base are made in galvanised steel. All finished in a tough black or white polyester powder coat to match Dome’s hood. Further still, the contemporary electric patio heater can optionally be finished in different RAL colour finishes. Alternatively chose the boom & base in brushed 316 stainless steel – please contact us for further information.

Dome Bow’s base comes as standard with 2 wheels.


• Extra steel counter weights. Optional extra steel weights are available to anchor the appliance when using it in windy areas.

• Bluetooth Music. An exciting optional extra is the Bluetooth music option (Bluetooth 4 connection with 2 x 80W water-proof speakers built into Dome Bow’s base). Indeed, the high quality outdoor speakers allow you and your friends to play your favourite tunes. Moreover, allowing spending quality time together around the warmth and light of Dome Bow terrace heater & lamp.

• Protective cover for Dome Bow’s hood.

• Base with 4 wheels. The base can also optionally be specified with 4 wheels for extra manoeuvrability.

Heatsail Dome Bow patio heater requires 2 people for assembly, which takes about 1-1.5 hours. Final electrical connection must only be performed by a qualified electrician.