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Gommaire Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Gommaire Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Gommaire invites you to enter a world of luxurious comfort and contemporary elegance, where quality & attention to detail are key.

Moreover, the company’s slogan of “Organic Living” perfectly incapsulates their naturally inspired collection of luxury outdoor furniture.

For instance, natural imperfections in the materials are to be valued and cherished, as letting nature run its course only adds beauty and uniqueness to the firm’s designs.

Moreover, the furniture’s exceptional contemporary charm is enhanced thanks to the juxtaposition of luxury materials.

For instance, highest quality teak hardwood combines together with sophisticated European outdoor fabrics & other tactile materials.

Consequently, the end result is a distinctive collection of luxury furniture that looks simply stunning in any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Organic Living

Look carefully and you will see that Gommaire luxury outdoor furniture tells a tale of its organic origins, thanks to its natural lines, shapes and textures.

What’s more, Gommaire widely use teak root, a by-product that is often rejected due to its aesthetic characteristics. Significantly, Gommaire embrace teak root’s irregularities and foibles, creating eye-catching and unique products that are to be cherished for a lifetime.

Moreover, the company’s outdoor offering provides uniquely stylish solutions for almost any outdoor eventuality.

Enhance your outdoor space with a summer-ready layout. You’re now all set to enjoy sunrises & sunsets with a morning coffee or an evening cocktail to hand.

Gommaire Garden Sofas

Gommaire lounge sets enable you to create a peaceful outdoor oasis where you will enjoy the furniture’s indulgent comfort and elegant contemporary style. For example, think flowing naturally-inspired lines and deeply upholstered comfort.

Moreover, you can explore both stand-alone sofas or a modular garden sofa precisely configured to your desires. For example,

For example, Gommaire Copenhague sofa features sophisticated contemporary design & superlative outdoor comfort. What’s more, you can specify Copenhague as a modular sofa, enabling you to create the garden corner sofa of your dreams. Alternatively, the Copenhague lounge collection also includes a lounge chair and 2 seat sofa for you to browse. Significantly, Copenhague’s elegant linear design ensures that this chic furniture suits both modern and more traditional surroundings.

Secondly, Gommaire Mia is a three seater teak sofa with distinctively flared arms, inviting you and your guests to embrace the furniture’s luxurious comfort and unique contemporary style. What’s more – like Copenhague – Mia sofa’s sophisticated contemporary charm comfortably sits in both modern and traditional surroundings.

Thirdly, Gommaire Edge garden sofa  offers more organic appeal. For instance, circular teak logs form the sofa’s distinctive sled legs. Moreover, Edge sofa’s back uses “Antique Weed” coloured synthetic wicker, which has a distinctive natural look and feel. Significantly, Edge provides exceptional comfort, thanks to its indulgently deep seat and back cushions.

Next, Gommaire Carol garden lounge furniture has unique design that draws inspiration from traditional Shaker wooden furniture. For instance, the furniture’s backrest uses tapered wooden spindles that are evocative of furniture from yesteryear. However, the furniture has a modern look and feel, thanks to the distinctive oversized cushions. Importantly, Carol lounge furniture collection includes;

Lastly, additional Gommaire lounge collections include;

  • Alabama lounge chair and 2 seat sofa
  • Feline wicker lounge chair
  • Mieke lounge chair, 2 seater sofa & corner sofa
  • Magnus Lounge furniture
  • Orso easy chair and footrest
  • Doran wicker sofa
  • Fiona easy chair
  • Carlo easy chair
  • Mario one seat, two seater & 3 seater
  • Alan easy chair & Alan bench

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Next, browse a wide range of teak tables and complementary dining chairs, which combine to make the perfect setting for lovely lunches and late-night dinners.

Moreover, each piece is expertly hand-finished, making pieces that exude craftsmanship. Significantly, you can combine any of Gommaire’s garden tables and chairs together, to create a wide range of different but equally stylish outdoor dining options.

Gommaire Garden Chairs

Firstly, Gommaire Fiona is perhaps one of the company’s most popular chairs. For example, Fiona has classic good looks, enhanced by the careful combination of Natural Grey teak and “Antique Weed” coloured synthetic wicker. What’s more, you can specify Fiona teak garden chair with or without arms.

Secondly, Carol draws inspiration from the classic farmhouse chair. What’s more, Carol also evokes traditional Shaker furniture thanks to the chair back’s tapered wooden spindles.

Thirdly, another of Gommaire’s popular front runners is Sally garden armchair. For instance, Sally has flowing contemporary lines, complimented with distinctive sled legs. Moreover – like all Gommaire chairs – you can specify Sally with a snug cushion seat pad, upholstered in a wide range of high-end outdoor fabrics.

What’s more, other chair options include;

  • Curver armchair
  • Jared chair
  • Jared armchair
  • Jacky armchair
  • Charly armchair
  • Carlo upholstered armchair
  • Jenna armchair
  • Marie chair
  • Mieke stackable armchair

Gommaire Garden Tables

Gommaire dining tables are notable for their chunky dimensions & unique contemporary style. What’s more, you can browse a wide range of sizes and table shapes too.

For example, options include;

  • oval garden tables (Dan)
  • square garden tables (Dennis, Miguel, Jacob, Mieke)
  • circular garden tables (Alex, Carol, Anton)
  • rectangular garden tables (Dennis, Miguel, Jacob, Abe, Josse, Mia Maximus, Carlo, Ziggy)

Exterior Bar Furniture

Next, Gommaire supply a unique range of bar furniture that enables you to enjoy precious moments outdoors with family and friends. For example, the offering of bar stools includes;

  • Sally bar chair
  • Alexi bar stool
  • Sienna bar chair
  • Jared bar chair
  • Mieke bar chair
  • Alex bar stool

What’s more, Gommaire also offer a unique range of bar tables which harmoniously combine with the bar chairs. For instance, high bar table options include;

  • Dennis bar table
  • Alex round bar table
  • Alexi bar tables
  • Mieke rectangular bar table
  • Anton round bar table

Gommaire Sun Loungers

Next, Gommaire provide an inviting collection of sunbeds that are perfect for chilling around the pool in comfort and style. For instance, options include;

  • Copenhague sun bed
  • Copenhague sunny bed
  • Lisa sun lounger with wheels
  • Lisa double sunlounger with wheels
  • Mieke sunlounger
  • Mieke twin sunbed
  • Fiona chaise with wheels
  • Jones wicker sunlounger
  • Yasmin daybed

Garden Side Tables, Low Tables & Outdoor Coffee Tables

Gommaire really excel themselves when it comes to exterior low tables and coffee tables. For example, the company’s ethos of “Organic Living” perfectly manifests itself with the gnarled and irregular low tables crafted from teak root wood. For instance, options include;

What’s more, the company also offer a range of low tables with linear design and cleaner lines. For instance, possibilities include;

  • Floor square coffee table
  • Floor rectangular coffee table
  • Dovetail coffee table
  • Copenhague coffee table
  • Carol coffee table
  • Anton nest of circular coffee tables
  • Floor nest of round coffee table
  • Puzzle coffee table


The company’s outdoor collection largely consists of one of nature’s finest & noble resources; teak hardwood (Tectona grandis).

Moreover, Gommaire combine natural teak wood together with;

  • synthetic rope
  • synthetic wicker
  • synthetic rattan
  • luxurious hand-picked outdoor fabrics


Importantly, Gommaire products exclusively use teak that is sourced and processed under the authority of Perum Perhutani.

For example, this state-owned Indonesian organisation manages the nation’s forestry resources.

Consequently, Perum Perhutani ensures the sustainable production and processing of the teak, whilst enforcing the adherence of strict social welfare directives.