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AK47 Fire Pit ….

Here’s a recent installation of AK47 Ercole modern garden fire pit on a customer’s decking. Significantly, Ercole fire pit provides year-round exterior art.

What’s more, AK47 use only high quality materials for their luxury fire pits. Consequently, the fire pits provide a lifetime to cozy and stylish nights.


Firstly, Ercole fire pit features cool modern design by Ivano Losa. For instance, the Ercole fire pit shown here has its top surround in natural grey concrete. Moreover, the concrete making a stylish contrast with the fire pit’s oxidised frame and legs.

Practical Features

What’s more, the fire pits also boasts outstanding practical features too. For instance, the fire pit includes;

  • integrated log storage
  • a lid (supplied as standard) to prevent ashes being blow about
  • an optional grill to quickly and easily convert Ercole to a BBQ

Importantly, the integrated log storage is large enough to keep a large quantity of logs dry and immediately to hand to fuel your fire pit.

Moreover, the optional stainless steel grill instantly converts your luxury fire pit into a very convenient BBQ.

Fire Pit Sizes

Significantly, you can choose Ercole fire pit in sizes of;

  • 1.2m diametre
  • 1.5m diametre
  • 2.5m diametre

Optional Extras

Moreover, you can also optionally specify;

  • a smoked glass fire screen
  • a protective cover

Luxury Materials

Importantly, AK47 fire pits feature carefully curated materials selected for their style and outdoor performance.

Fire Pit Surround

For instance, the featured Ercole fire pit has its top surround in natural Grey concrete. Alternatively, you can also specify Ercole’s concrete surround in;

  • White concrete
  • Brown concrete

What’s more, you can also choose Ercole’s surround in solid marble if you really want to “push the boat out”. For instance, marble options include;

  • Rain Forest Green marble
  • Rain Forest Brown marble
  • Teak Wood marble

Ercole’s Structure

Secondly, Ercole fire pit has visible frame and legs in oxidised steel. For instance, the material has a timeless quality which seamlessly blends with most planting and landscaping schemes.

Next, Ercole fire pit has inner structure made in galvanised steel. For example, the material is;

  • strong
  • corrosion resistant
  • heat resistant

AK47 Modern Fire Pit Company

Importantly, AK47 modern fire pit company are based on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy.

Subsequently, the company has forged a reputation as designers and manufacturers of the world’s finest modern fire pits.

For instance, the AK47 fire pit collection includes large circular fire pits such as;

What’s more, the company also offer large square fire pits, including;

Lastly, all models are suitable for year-round use in both residential and hospitality projects.