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AK47 Ercole Brown Marble Firepit

AK47 Ercole Brown Marble Firepit

AK47 Ercole Rainforest Brown Marble Firepit, designed by Ivano Losa. Ercole is a modern Italian design circular garden fire pit, available in a wide range of luxury outdoor materials.

AK47 Ercole Rainforest Brown Marble Firepit was originally designed with top bench seat surround in concrete, in natural grey, white or brown colour finishes. AK47 have now added the option of high quality marble for the fire pit’s bench seat surround. Marble finishes include Rain Forest Green marble, Rain Forest Brown marble and Teak Wood marble.

You can specify Ercole luxury round fire pit in diametres of either 2.5m or 1.5m diameter.

AK47 Ercole fire pit is supplied as standard with a cover plate to cover the burning chamber when not in use. Ercole fire pit is easily transformed into a BBQ when you specify the AK47 Ercole custom-made stainless steel grill.

Sit back with family and friends and enjoy the theatre of dancing flames within Ercole fire pit’s crucible. AK47 Ercole is also a year-round piece of garden art.

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